Complete Origami Collection

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Unfold your creativity and embark on an enchanting journey into the world of paper artistry with this 'Complete Origami Collection' eBook.

Within these digital pages, you'll discover the magic of turning simple sheets of paper into intricate masterpieces, as we guide you through a captivating odyssey of folds, creases, and transformations.

Whether you're a novice yearning to fold your very first paper airplane or a seasoned origami enthusiast seeking new challenges, this collection is your passport to a universe of imagination and precision.

Join me as we embark on a captivating adventure, where every page holds the promise of a new paper creation waiting to spring to life. Easily print each template for hours of creative fun.

Designs include:

Page 4: Snail

Page 5: Bee

Page 6: Scorpion

Page 7: Cicada

Page 8: Dragonfly

Page 9: Spider

Page 10: Ladybug

Page 11: Butterfly

Page 12: Mantis

Page 14: Crab

Page 15: Sea Horse

Page 16: Turtle

Page 17: Whale

Page 18: Blowfish

Page 19: Shell

Page 20: Clam

Page 21: Butterflyfish

Page 22: Stingray

Page 24: Lily

Page 25: Japonica

Page 26: Tulip

Page 27: Rose

Page 28: Leaf

Page 29: Morning Glory

Page 30: Sunflower

Page 32: Heart Fan

Page 33: Heart Necklace

Page 34: Family Heart

Page 35: Heart Dish

Page 36: Basic Heart

Page 37: Heart Stand

Page 38: Heart Frame

Page 40: Santa

Page 41: Bell

Page 42: Box

Page 43: Snowman

Page 44: Santa Hat

Page 45: Star

Page 46: Tree

Page 47: Scarf

Page 48: Mitten

Page 49: Stocking

Page 51: Rocket

Page 52: Boat

Page 53: Sailboat

Page 54: Yacht

Page 55: Jet

Page 56: Steam Ship

Page 57: England Flyer

Page 58: Plane

Page 59: Truck

Page 60: Bus

Page 62: Frog

Page 63: Rabbit Face

Page 64: Dog Face

Page 65: Fox

Page 66: Penguin

Page 67: Pigeon

Page 68: Giraffe

Page 69: Crocodile

Page 70: Rabbit

Let your origami adventure begin!

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Complete Origami Collection

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